Fourtech16 ZTF Mach Rotary Steering System

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Fourtech ZTF Mechanical Steering
The quality of a mechanical steering system depends on its efficiency (less driving effort) in push & pull load and low backlash on the steering wheel.

The new Ultraflex Fourtech ZTF steering systems, fitted with the M90 Mach single-cable, are the best mechanical steering systems on the market today. They combine a minimal backlash with higher efficiency and they guarantee results with very narrow cable bends.

Featuring the T93ZT high performance Zero Torque Feedback helm with a Planetary Gear Design, the Fourtech offers performance, flexibility and durability increased by top quality materials and construction. Centered on the main drive shaft, this helm requires less room behind the dash and is a direct “drop in” replacement for competing system; requiring no new holes for installation.
The package includes T93ZT (Zero Torque Feedback) helm, bezel and highly flexible M90 Mach cable (patented).

Steering helm: T93ZT - 42648 U - zero torque single cable steering helm
Mounting bezel: X34 - 36654 B - black, 90° mounting (Standard With Kit)
Steering cable: M90XX Mach (patented)

Optional bezels available: (Additional Cost)
X34W - 40654 C - white, 90° mounting
X91 - 42850 N - chrome - 90° mounting
X90 - 42646 P - chrome - 90° mounting with lock device
X35 - 36655 C - black, 20° mounting

ATTENTION: M90 Mach steering cable is suitable for use also with T71FC, T72FC, T73NRFC, T81FC, T82FC, T83NRFC Ultraflex steering helms. M66 will not fit the following Uflex helms: T91, T93ZT, T101, T103ZT.
Optional steering wheel and Engine connection kits available.


Specifically designed for high performance and high efficiency applications
M90 Mach cable (patented): performance, flexibility and durability increased by top quality materials and construction.
Fast connect, simple installation, patented end fitting.
Stainless steel cable output end featuring patented gasket, engine side
Corrosion resistant materials
Particularly suitable where clearance is limited
Optional 90° or 20° helm installation
Standard 3/4” tapered shaft
Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns: approx. 4,2
Stroke: 228 mm (9”)
Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 16” (406 mm)
Suggested steering cable bend radius: 7.87” (200 mm)
Minimum steering cable bend radius: 3.94” (100 mm)
Minimal feedback

Compact for mounting
T93ZT steering system is not to be used on boats equipped with engines that exceed the maximum horsepower rating of the boat.

For boats faster than 50 mph our hydraulic steering systems are recommended
T93ZT is also available in package with FOURTECH-II
Exceeds EN 28848 safety standards
Exceeds ABYC P17 safety standards
Helm Dimensions

T93ZTF Helm Dimensions
T93ZTF Helm Dimensions Back View
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