How To Measure For Replacement Boat Steering Cables

How to measure for replacing my steering cable. It is important to have the correct measurement when replacing your vessels steering cable. There are two types of cables on the market today. You have the Rotary steering cable and the Rack And Pinion Steering Cable. The easiest way to make sure your length is correct is to use the hot stamped numbers on the cable's outer jacketing itself. However this only works if using the same brand and type of cable. The second way of measuring for correct length is to use the formula below.

The schematic above is just a reference and should be used with Uflex Products only. To make sure your measuring correctly it is always worth using the measuring for new steering chart below. This will ensure you have the correct measurements. We always recommended to consult with a Professional Marine Technician when in doubt.

Replacement Boat Steering Cables Chart

When choosing a cable remember to make sure and validate what system you currently have. Cables are made for Rotary steering and Rack and Pinion steering. If your helm is older than 2001 you will require the K66 kit for connection to your helm when replacing a Rotary steering cable. This is considered a threaded helm. See chart above.

How to measure For New Boat Steering Cable

Note: If your current system is greater than 10-years old, it is recommended to replace the complete steering system.