ZTF Tiller Y1T Complete Yamaha Outboards 90-115 HP

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ZTF Tiller Y1T Complete Tiller Handle Yamaha Outboards 90-115-130 HP - 2015 To Date

Uflex® ZTF Tiller Y1T System for Yamaha® Tiller Handles Rated up to 90 hp - 115 hp Four Stroke.
The ZTF Tiller System is a hydraulic device that neutralizes the propeller torque of outboard engines on the tiller handle while the operator is not actively making a steering course change. It enables the operator to maintain the right course without excessive physical effort. The hydraulic  valve opens the moment the operator makes a steering course change at which point the propeller torque will be present on the tiller handle. It is important that the operator maintains a firm grip on the tiller handle at all times while operating the boat; especially when making steering course changes. The ZTF tiller  system consists of four main

1. Tiller Handle
2. Main Device
3. UC128-SVS ZTF Hydraulic Cylinder
4. Hydraulic Hoses

ZTF Tiller Y1T Complete Tiller Handle Yamaha Outboards 90-115 HP

The ZTF Tiller System must be used combined with Yamaha® outboard engines of 90-115-130 HP produced
from 2015 to date, and engines of 150-175-200 HP- models 2.7L F150 Mechanical, VF150 V MAX SHO,F175, VF175 V MAX SHO, and F200 Mechanical - and must be assembled only  on boats specifically designed and suitably equipped for being steered with the tiller handle. The installer and the operator are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the ZTF tiller system on the boat, bearing in mind factors like speed, motor loads and working conditions.
Need more details. You can Download the Yamaha® manual here in PDF.

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