B50 34464 S Dual Straight Lever Throttle Shift

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B50 34464 S  Dual Straight Lever Throttle Shift

The B50 Dual Straight Lever Flush Mount design makes this control suitable for exposed positions such as flying bridge. Made of marine aluminum with chrome plated lever. Neutral Safety switch prevents in-gear starting. B58 and B59 models are available in right and left hand mounting options and come with the interlock kit. For use with Ultraflex C2,C8 and C0 engine control cables. For new installations, K22 connection Kit required. This control is shift and throttle. For interlock option please order the B59.

B50 34464 S  Dual Straight Lever Throttle Shift


Flush mount suitable for exposed positions such as flying bridge Made of marine aluminium with chrome
plated lever  Adjustable brake to avoid throttle creep and positive detent for shift. Both can be adjusted from the outside Neutral safety switch X12 - 34543 Q included prevents in-gear starting  Available with straight or bent levers B58 and B59 models are provided with an interlock kit to prevent accidental gear
engagement Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X12 safety switch is installed For use with Ultraflex C2, C8, MACHZero and all 33C style engine control cables. Ultraflex C22 and all 43C style cables require K22 - 34713 Q connection kit. Burl wood cover optional: X51 - 38985 P


Models Straight Levers:
B50 - 34464 S Throttle and shift
B50T - 34465 T Throttle only
B50S - 34466 U Shift only
B59 - 34571 X Throttle and shift. With interlock. Right hand installation

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