B47 Dual Lever Grey Side Mount Controler

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B47 32770 A Dual lever Side Mount Controller Light grey Finish

The B47 Features: Light Grey Finish. Made of Nylon fiberglass with Anodized anti corrosive levers. Left or right side mounting installation. For use with Ultraflex control cables: C-14 with K23-32773D connection kit. C-4 with K24-32774E connection kit. C2, C8 and C0 with K25-32775F connection kit. C5 without connection kit.

B49 33283 S Dual lever Side Mount Controller Light grey Finish
Made of nylon fiberglass with anodized aluminum levers Left or right side mount installation  For use with Ultraflex engine control cables: - C14 and MACH14 with K23 - 32773 D connection kit. 
C4 with K24 - 32774 E connection Kit. C2, C8, MACHZero and all 33C style cables with K25 - 32775 F connection kit. C5 and MACH5 without connection kit Mercury® no connection kit needed
OMC® pre 1979 w/K24 BRP® (OMC®) post 1979 w/K23 Yamaha® w/K25 Honda® w/K25 Suzuki® w/K25

B47 and B49 Controler Specifications
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