A93X27 42637 N Uflex Triple Engine Tie Bars

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A93X27 42637 N 27" Triple Outboard Engine/Twin UC128-OBF Or UC128-SVS Cylinder Tie Bar

Suitable for applications with triple outboard engines and dual cylinders UC128-OBF (or UC128-SVS)    

A93 x 27 - 42637 N 27" (685,8 mm) triple engine centers

Heavy duty triple engine/twin cylinder tie bar kit for use with UC128 and UC128P “Port” version outboard cylinders. Suitable for use with Protech and SilverSteer™ cylinders these AISI 304 electropolished and passivated stainless steel tie bars are simple to install and allow for independent trimming of engines with minimal effect on engine alignment.
A93 x 27 - 42637 N 27" (685,8 mm) triple engine centers

ATTENTION: As the tiller arm position varies from engine to engine and the distance between two engines is not predictable, unexpected interferences may occur while tilting.
A duly check of the tie bar installation is then strongly recommended. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to refer to our Technical Service.

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