ZTF Y1 Yamaha Outboard Tiller System

The Y1 Yamaha ZTF

Why buy it?

Tiller Steering With Comfort. You can now drive your tiller steered boat in comfort. No more wasted energy while driving your boat to your favorite fishing spot. You'll have more energy with reeling in fish. See purchasing options below.

ZTF Y1 Yamaha Outboard Kit

Tiller Zero Torque Steering

It's Unique!

Yamaha Tiller Outboard Zero Torque Steering. The Yamaha Outboard Y1 Zero Torque Feedback steering system comes complete in a box and ready for install on your 90-130HP Yamaha Outboard. With all of the features the ZTF Tiller offers, you'll be asking yourself why you waited so long to get one installed on your Tiller Steered Yamaha Outboard. See what it is and how it works......