What Is A Top Mount Boat Controller

A top mount mechanical boat control is a control that mounts on top of the dash area or (helm). The internal mechanism sits below the mounting surface, only exposing the head of the controls. Top mount controls come in different versions including single lever dual function, dual lever dual function. They are also offered as single lever right hand only and left hand only along with shifting only and throttle only in multiple engine applications.

Top mount controller's can include trim switches for trim and tilt applications with Sterndrive and Outboard's. When using trim and tilt with top controllers one trim switch can operate both engines trim and tilt. There are many different styles to choose from as well. This includes straight levers, raked levers(slight bend) and different options with lever knobs.

Top mount controllers have always been known for use with larger boats that have multi stations (upper and lower) and multi engines. they are also popular with center counsel applications as well. However, over the last 10-years they have become popular on all boat sizes as well and work well with Inboards, Sterndrive and Outboards. Top mount controls can be specific with the cables that are used in them, based on engine make and boat application Inboard, Sterndrive or Outboard. So make sure and check for correct fit based on your application.

What ever your preference is for a top mount controller there is one out there that will best suit your needs.

Happy Boating!