What Is A Side Mount Mechanical Boat Control

A side mount boat control is exactly what is says. A side mount boat control mounts flush on the outside of the center counsel or gunnel panel of the boat. There are several types of side mount controllers. There is a single lever side mount and a dual lever side mount. The single lever side mount controller come in two different versions. There is a flush mount and a box mount. The flush mount conceals the mechanical portion of the body behind a exterior panel or fiberglass panel-wall. The box mount style mounts on the exterior of a panel or fiberglass panel-wall and the mechanical portion of the control is housed inside of a metal or composite box housing.

The single lever dual function controls both throttle and shift with push and pull and always has a warm up option for throttle only with a button or with a pull out handle. This control is popular on Inboards, Sterndrives and Outboard engines.

The dual lever side mount is only offered in a box mount version. This control has two levers. One is for throttle and the other is for shift. This controller is used on Outboard applications.

When choosing or replacing a controller make sure you have the correct control cables that will work for that controller. Some controllers are specific to the cables that are used in them, based on engine make and boat application Inboard, Sterndrive or Outboard. So make sure and check for correct fit based on your application. 

At the end of the day, if you current side mount mechanical boat controller is over ten years old, you should replace it along with your cables. A poor operating or broken boat controller can turn a great day out boating into a bad day. Have fun and be safe!