The Difference's Between Boat Control Cables

Boat engine control cables come in different lengths and styles depending on engine manufacture application. Standard size lengths start at 10'-30' for off the shelf. Custom sizes are available usually for an additional cost starting at the 31' range up to 80'. There are two categories of boat controls cables standard and high performance.

The industry had always offered what we call the standard cable with steel core wire and brass ends. Over the last ten years the industry now offers heavy duty cables for all engine makes and models. What makes a heavy duty boat engine control cable is in the materials. They have upped there game by using heavy duty stranded core wire and jacketing with lubricated extrusion. The output ends are made from stainless steel vs brass. The heavy duty high efficiency engine control cable will outlast the standard engine control cable due to the way it is manufactured. The little extra cost is worth it for the overall performance they provide.

When replacing or installing new boat engine control cables you need to make sure and match them to your engine and in the correct length.  Control cable ends are based on engine manufacture. However, you can get by with using universal cables as well. There are many different connection kits offered that will adapt a universal cable to your engine with the correct connection kit.  

Engine control cables should be replaced when at first signs of hard shifting, sticky or slow response, cable jacketing is chafed or cracked. Best policy is to replace them if they are older than ten years or when replacing your boat engine controller. Control cables come in different lengths and we provide how to measure for correct length. Length is important and when measuring you need to include bends and extra lengths for outboard applications. So measure carefully to make sure and get the right length. With a little home work you can make your next boat engine control cable replacement a breeze. Happy Boating!