Navitech™ Electronic Boat Power Steering

Navitech™ Electronic Boat Power Steering System

With the Navitech™ electronic boat power steering now you can get the same technology used to drive the most powerful and best handling cars for your boat. Taking the latest technology from the automotive industry, Uflex has combined Electronic Power Steering (EPS) used in the most popular cars around the world with the latest mechanical steering helms and Mach 90 high efficiency steering cable to deliver unprecedented  performance.

Perfectly silent, the system draws minimal power and further more is very easy to install. The NaviTech™ also has Integrated System Monitoring (ISM) which detects certain operating conditions including the number of cycles and notifies the end user with a vibration signal in the steering wheel, if the cable needs to be changed. Never before has a steering system monitored it’s own operating conditions and given the driver diagnostic feedback.

For specific applications Uflex can use programmable software to dial in the hand wheel effort and steering output to meet specific performance objectives of boat builders.