How to Measure for New Boat Engine Control Cable's


When replacing or adding new engine boat control cables we must find out the correct measurement and length along with engine type. Each vessel with mechanical engine controls will always have two engine control cables. One for shifting and one for throttling engine. Over time these cables will wear and need to be replaced some time. If replacing the old control cables and they are being replaced with the same brand name it is easiest to try and find a part number or length on the jacketing of the cable itself. If you are able to obtain this information then measuring for new engine control cables will not apply. However, with no prior information as to what cables you have and length you will need, then apply the process below and you should be good to go. See the sequence and charts below.

How To Measure For Control Cable Install

FOR NEW INSTALLATION, measure A + B distance from the control along an unobstructed cable routing to clutch and / or
throttle connection. Round this dimension off to the next whole foot: you will have your cable length. We recommend that the cable
bends have a minimum radius of about 8” (200 mm). For outboard engine installations, it is necessary to add three feet to the
obtained length, in order to allow the engine movement.

To determine the needed length of the REPLACEMENT CABLE, measure it from tip to tip. When ordering, specify the cable length in
feet, rounding the dimension off to the next whole value. If any kit is required to complete the cable connection, you will need to consult the control cable engine connection kits.


The chart below is a cross reference chart on what engines require what control cables. In the chart below list two types of cables . One is a standard series and the other is what we call the Mach series cable which is heavy duty. Both cables will work for your application but the Heavy duty cables will last longer, because they are more robust.