GP300L-D Electric Hatch Lifter Locking For Grady White Boats

The GP300L-D Electric hatch lifter with locking is specifically made for the Grady White Boat. The GP300L-D hatch lifter is a electro mechanical product, especially designed for marine use on pleasure boats. It allows full or partial opening and closing of heavy engine hatches, peak tanks, hatch beams etc. By activating a switch, it is possible to lift the hatch to any desired position from closed to full open; an internal self-locking mechanism will maintain the position preventing any accidental hatch closing. In case of a power failure an emergency device allows for manual opening.

According to the load required, the AV hatch lifters can be mounted individually, or in twin cylinder installation for heavier loads. It is also possible to install more then two AV actuators in multiple applications. The AV hatch lifters do not require any maintenance, are easy to install, and are made of materials resistant to corrosion. Please note: The GP300L-D is for use on Grady White boats. It comes with a Deutsch Connector and Quick Release Pin's. See full purchase options