Differences Between Single and Dual Cable Boat Steering

What is the difference between single and dual cable mechanical boat steering. It's simple, a single cable mechanical boat steering system has a helm that uses one steering cable and a dual cable mechanical boat steering system helm use's two steering cables. The most popular set-up with dual cable steering was in use with bass boat applications. Before hydraulic boat steering was common, dual cable steering was used because of the high hp outboard engines used on bass boats and economics with mechanical steering was the norm.

Dual cable steering came in two versions at one time. Rack and Pinion as well as a Rotary steering. Over the last 5-years the rack and pinion has been obsoleted due to usage. As boat manufactures now almost always installs hydraulic boat steering because of ease with installation and cost.

But don't let that fool you. Today there are lots of boat applications using dual cable steering in the standard version and in the NFB (No-Feed-Back) version. So if your mechanical dual cable steering needs to be serviced you can still purchase these kits complete as well as replacement boat steering cables for rotary steering systems. If you have a rack and pinion then your best luck will be either to upgrade to a rotary dual steering system or go with a new hydraulic steering kit.