Boat Electronic Engine Controls

PowerA Mark II™ Electronic Boat Control System

The easy to install PowerA Mark II™ boat electronic engine control system provides fingertip operation of throttle and shift levers. Using reliable and precise digital data transmission, this single or dual function control system is specifically designed to work on mechanically controlled as well as electronic and electro-hydraulic gas and diesel inboards, sterndrives and outboards. The PowerA Mark II™ comes with many features including Dock Assist, which offers the operator the opportunity to reduce the sensitivity of the throttle function for easier dockside handling. Other standard features include RPM Synchronization, which reduces engine vibration and improves fuel economy, a High Idle feature to increase RPM where higher idle is necessary for cold engine operations, a programmable Trolling Valve Control and neutral Warm Up. The stylish and ergonomically designed control makes the PowerA Mark II™ suitable for many types of applications ranging from sport boats, yachts and commercial applications.

Available with and without trim, the electronic boat engine control has audible and visual interfaces which alert the operator to the current status of the control system. With the ability to control up to 2 engines from up to 4 different stations, the PowerA Mark II™ is a modular and flexible system with simple to install components. The unique Control Unit Display of the PowerA Mark II™ provides simple touch pad programming with descriptive information regarding the set up, tuning and diagnostics of the system. The Power A Mark II is a system that can replace mechanical controls either on fully mechanical engines, or on fully electronic engines, or on engines with the combination of both characteristics.

PowerA Mark II™ Control Stations Single or Dual Engine

Technical Features: Single Lever/Dual Function and Dual Lever/Dual Function for shift, throttle and trolling. Up to 4 control stations, control boxes IP Protection: IP66, Power supply: min 9 max 32V, Working temperature: -25°C to +75°C
Control station functions:
- Station Select
- Engines Warm up
- High idle
- Docking
- Engine synchronization
- Trolling valve, on request, according to customer’s specifications
Electronic throttle outputs:
- Voltage (double output 0 - 5V and 0 - 2,5V)
- PWM (0-100%, frequency from 200Hz to 1kHz)
- Current (4 - 10mA)
Digital Throttle Output:
- SAE J 1939
- NMEA 2000
Trolling valve output
- Voltage (0 - 5V)
- PWM (0-100%, frequency from 100Hz to 1 kHz)
- Current (4 - 20mA)
Electric shift control:
- 2 or 3 ON/OFF or proportional solenoids
- Shift delays fully settable

Power A Mark II plug and play kits are available in different configurations to suite all of your needs. SAFETY DEVICES: Start in-gear PROTECTION(start inhibition with shifted gear) Audible and visual diagnostic failure alarm (READABLE MESSAGES ON THE CONTROL UNIT DISPLAY). Proportional shift delays. Programmable working parameters. Meets CEI EN 60945 standards EMC CERTIFICATION AND CE MARK. Conforms with: CEI EN60945 UNI-EN ISO 11547. COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL MECHANICAL THROTTLE ENGINES. COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL ELECTRONIC THROTTLE ENGINES Including: Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Scania, Iveco, FPT, Lombardini, VM Motori, FNM, Yanmar, CMD-Volkswagen, Hyundai ecc.