AV AVL & Ulysses Series Electrical Boat Hatch Lifter's

A boat hatch lifter is constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the Uflex electrical boat hatch lifters are built to last. Lifting with up to 265 Lbs of force, these actuators are an ideal solution for controlling engine hatches, lazarets, doors and other on board fixtures. A unique sleeve on the AV “Non Locking” version of these actuators allows you to manually open the hatch in the event of power loss i.e. weak batteries. For high performance applications where the hatch could blow open, we recommend the AVL series which pushes as well as pulls with 265 Lbs.

All mounting hardware is included. Technical Features according to the load required, the AV hatch lifter can be mounted individually, or in twin cylinder installation for heavier loads. It is also possible to install more then two AV actuators in multiple applications. Maximum load for single installations: 1200N (120 kg - 265 lbs) Maximum load for dual installations: 2400N (240 kg - 529 lbs) Maximum load is recommended not to be exceeded. Supplied with all mounting hardware.

Stainless steel telescopic ram for manual operation in case of emergency. Locking version (AV-L) recommended for high performance applications. Circuit breaker to stop accidental overloading of the system and electronic stop at closed or full open position. IP 65 protection rated Speed: 25mm/sec no load applied, 17 mm/sec maximum load Current absorption in single installations: 10A at 12V, 5A at 24V Current absorption in dual installations: 20A at 12V, 10A at 24V AV 12VDC models are Ignition Protected.
UL1500 - ISO8846 approved. See more options for all boat hatch lifters.